E-Pound (EPX) – Hydra Network


Terms of Service

Purpose of the processing.

The information is collected in the interest of Know Your Client and Anti Money Laundering regulations. The company is allowing individuals to participate in a crowdfunding exercise. Some jurisdictions do not allow its citizens and residents to participate in such activities. We therefore are required to collect basic information on those who participate to demonstrate, when necessary, that citizens and residents of that jurisdiction did not participate in the crowdfunding. The legal basis for this processing of data is found in international law (different laws from different countries) including but not limited to, The UK financial Services Act, The US Securities Legislation, European Monetary laws and regulations (including those of its member states), Chinese Financial Code, anti-money laundering laws, and antiterrorism laws.

Third Parties

Data may from time to time, be shared with third parties for the purposes of conducting a Know Your Client assessment so that participants can prove their location, residence, and citizenship. All parties that have access to your data will be members of the necessary data controlling bodies of their respective countries. For example, the Information Commissioners Office of the United Kingdom.


Your data will never be shared with any third party without your consent or court order provided by a court of competent jurisdiction within the country making the request.

Retention Period

All data will be stored for a period of a minimum of six months and a maximum of two years.

Source of Data

All data collected on you will be done so by your submission of the information and collection of information from the machine you access the website with. Data collection is limited to that contained in our registration method and that information which your computer automatically transmits to our company when accessing our site such as cookies and IP data.

HydraNetwork will self-manage all crypto assets and has elected to not immediately outsource this activity to a third-party crypto asset custodian. This is a material risk given that the burden of protecting and safeguarding crypto assets falls wholly upon HydraNetwork, as crypto assets face the constant risk of being stolen by malicious actors. Hydra Network may collaborate with third-parties for it's Exchange and shall communicate communicate with its community when that action has occurred. HydraNetwork intends to use Nebbex for clients deposits for its Exchange and shall communicate with its community when that action has occurred.